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2018 Club Champions
Overall Club Champion – Jack Short
Rookie of the Year – Mikayla Short

Junior Light – 1st Jack Short, 2nd Tyce Cowie, 3rd Kaitlin Vickers
Junior Heavy – 1st Brock Pollard
KT Light – 1st Jacob Childs, 2nd Blake Tugwell, 3rd Zack Sloan
KT Medium – 1st Tate Cowie
KT Heavy – 1st Brayden Dunn, 2nd Joel Read
Statesman – 1st Larry Furler
Outlaw – 1st Brenton Pollard

(many other classes and competitiors but must have raced minimum 5 meetings to qualify) It was hard this year as we have only run 7 meetings due to the weather.

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